Memberships applications now open


Well you’re here, so we know you love Lego, but are you looking for more?
Do you want to be more social?
Do you want the opportunity to have your builds on display at events around Western Australia?
Are you looking to expand your involvement with the WA Brick Society?
Membership applications for 2021/22 are now open,
Click the link below to fill out your application, with membership fees being a low $30.
As a member, you benefit from
- access to the combined wealth of skills and knowledge of some of Perth’s most advanced builders.
- opportunity to build and display with the club at events around Perth, and the state.
- Ability to purchase exclusive club merchandise.
- entry to headquarters on open days to build with the clubs Lego.
- involvement in the running of the club and club events.
- access to the members only Facebook group
- participation in Lugbulk and other Lego incentives when they are available.
- subsidised or free entry to club activities
- many more benefits with more being added where we can.



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