Relics: an exhibition by Jackson and Alex

Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler, LEGO Masters' Season 2 winners, have a new immersive exhibition: Relics: Bricks of the New World.

The exhibition appears to depict what the world would look like when humans have left and LEGO minifigures take over. The exhibition combines real world objects with LEGO, like an old car, a bookcase, a rubbish bin, a fridge and other objects left behind on Earth.

Photo by Ryan Masters

The exhibition is free to the public, and is on until May 30, open from 9am to 3pm. It is located at The Goods Shed in Claremont.

The exhibition is part of Scribblers Festival, a literature and arts festival for young people.

Be sure to also check out the Scribblers Facebook and Scribblers Instagram page for more photos and updates on this exhibition.

Here are more photos from the exhibition. All photos by Ryan Masters.




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