Bricktober 2020


2020 certainly has been an crazy and unpredictable year. Many events were cancelled, scaled back or moved online. 

As a result, Bricktober 2020 is going to be an online event this year! So, not at Curtin Stadium this time. On the Bricktober event website, you can see photos from the previous Bricktober events, since it started in 2014. If you’ve never been to Bricktober or missed a show, you can see what was built that year! If you’ve been to Bricktober before, it could be a nice walk down memory lane.

From October 10th until the 31st, you will be able to see what new LEGO creations the builders have come up with for this year. Keep an eye on the website:

Oh, and it's also free!


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