Custom car creations

Here are two fantastic custom cars by fellow member Braith.

In Braith's words, the black beast of a vehicle below "features a piston V8 linked to the rear wheels, rear suspension, flex system steering and opening doors, hood and boot (trunk for US readers)." This vehicle was made many years when Braith was just getting back into LEGO after a hiatus (i.e. dark-age).

"The red car is a HZ Holden Ute.  It features a piston V8 linked to rear wheels, front and rear suspension, steering, adjustable seats, moveable sun visors, opening doors, hood and tailgate.  This was a model that featured at the very first Brickvention in Melbourne and claimed 3rd prize overall!"


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  3. talk about vehicle in lego, technic is always the king, nothing can be replaced

  4. Yesss definitely agree. I'll never get enough with technic sets.


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