Bricktober 2016

Bricktober 2016 has come and gone, and it was a fantastic event! There were many brilliant displays filling up two halls, lots of LEGO sets for sale and plenty to keep the kids occupied!
I wish to express a big thank you to Stephen and Joanna Kendall for organising Bricktober, the Rotary Club of Ascot, their volunteers and fellow exhibitors for making this such a great exhibition!

Here are some photos:

Hall with our displays
A pretty seaside town, by Joanna Kendall

An awesome Yoda mosaic by Paul Daly

LEGO sets for sale

Aaron's impressive Heartlake Shopping Centre
Scary Alien chestburster by Braith
Kids' activity and competition area

There are more photos to come soon!
 Until then, for more reviews and photos of Bricktober 2016, check out these blogs:

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