Dramatic bridge coverage at the Train show

I believe we'll be going into the record books, folks!
We had a 39 metre-long suspension bridge at the 2013 Model Railway Exhibition - I think it's the longest lego bridge in the world!
In the afternoon of Monday, June 3rd, work on the bridge was completed and was unveiled. The length of the bridge was measured as all of the bridge supports were removed, to have it support its own weight.

Here's the article from The West Australian on June 3rd, when they visited us on Sunday.

The link to the online version of the article is here: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/wa/17449768/lego-bridge-record-bid/

Check out this exciting video of the bridge's unveiling, as done by an avid spectator! Riveting commentary included!

Can you see the how much the bridge is sagging? It's incredible!

After 20 minutes of supporting itself, the bridge came crashing down!
Pieces went everywhere! Many of them broken!

So that's the end of the bridge for this year!

What's the plan for next year? Are there any bridge builders who want to join the club?


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