Identifying Series 9 minifigs guide

If you've been hunting down the latest Series 9 minifigs at the shops, I have written this guide to help identify each of the figurines in the packets using the "touch and feel" method.
  1. Waiter - feel for the serving tray (flat with a short tube on the bottom) and the small bottle.
  2. Cyclops - he has a separate headgear piece with a horn on top and ears poking out at the sides.
  3. Hollywood Starlet - feel for her short hair, and a large sloping brick (2x2x2 slope) that represents her dress. Careful, she can be easily confused with the Fortune Teller (#9), and the Forest Maiden (#15). Her little trophy was hard to identify.
  4. Heroic Knight - his shield is flat on one side with a handle on the back, the helmet visor is a separate piece that is slightly flexible. Or feel for the sword with its handle, hilt and flexible blade.
  5. Roman Emperor - try to find the 2x2 square tile that represents a scroll.
  6. Policeman - he has a cap with a flat top, flexible handcuffs, and a 1x2 rectangular tile for his badge.
  7. Chicken Suit Guy - His headpiece has a crest on top - don't confuse it for a helmet, or Cyclops (#2). The "chicken wing" arms attached to the torso are bigger than a regular minifig's.
  8. Roller Derby Girl - Her roller skates are small pieces with a stud on top (like a 1x1 plate).
  9. Fortune Teller - Another 2x2x2 slope represent her gown, which can be confused with the Hollywood Starlet (#3), and the Forest Maiden (#15). There are two 1x2 rectangular tiles that are tarot cards. Her hair and headscarf are one inflexible piece.
  10. Judge - His wig/hairpiece is rubbery, slightly flexible and is similar to the Forest Maiden's hair (#15). His gavel feels like a small hammer.
  11. Alien Avenger - The chest armour piece is oddly-shaped and has two little bars sticking down at the back, and carries a pistol-shaped weapon.
  12. Mermaid - Her tail is another oddly-shaped piece, and she has a small starfish.
  13. Battle Mech - Chest armour piece has pauldrons (shoulder armour) that stick out and point slightly upward.
  14. Mr. Good and Evil - Has a top hat (cylindrical) and carries a conical flask (triangular and round).
  15. Forest Maiden - She has a shield, and a bow & arrow piece. Her long hair is slightly flexible. The third 2x2x2 slope in this series represents her gown, like the Hollywood Starlet (#3), and the Fortune Teller (#9).
  16. Plumber - He has a plunger - a handle with a rubbery base.
It could be very useful to have the paper with all of the minifigs on it to assist you.
Good luck!


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